Koepe-type single-rope hoisting machine at KGHM PM S.A. “Lubin” Mining Plant

Contract: “Modernisation of the hoisting machine of the mining shaft hoist in the eastern compartment of the L-I shaft of the “Lubin” Mining Plant” implemented as a turnkey project.

Scope of the project

  • comprehensive replacement of the K-5000/DC-10m/s type hoisting machine,
  • replacement of the shaft signalling and communication system,
  • replacement of medium-voltage switchgear,
  • replacement of the 400/230V switchgear in the hoisting machine building,
  • implementation of video surveillance with adaptation to the company-wide monitoring system,
  • preparing the necessary documentation,
  • delivery and installation of equipment,
  • overseeing the procedures related to the approval of equipment for use in mining plants,
  • start-up of the supplied equipment.

K-5000/DC-10m/s type hoisting machine

The K-5000/10m/s hoisting machine of the mining shaft hoist in the eastern compartment of the L-I shaft of Zakłady Górnicze “Lubin” Section is a hoisting machine with a pulley wheel, installed on the shaft entry level, intended for use in a single-cable hoist.

The machine is controlled:

  • manually from the machine operator panel,
  • automatically in remote startup mode.

The main components of the K-5000/DC-10m/s type hoisting machine are:

  • main shaft unit,
  • brake of the hoisting machine consisting of two brake columns with three pairs of hydraulically opened cylinders, gravitational overload lowering system forcing an additional oil drainage path,
  • 1EEQ 340-45-20 type drive motor,
  • powering the main circuit of the drive motor, which includes a 2000 kVA three-coil converter transformer and two sets of type DCS800 reversing thyristor converters with a rated current of 4000 A connected in series,
  • electrical power supply, which includes a 500 VAC auxiliaries switchgear,
  • power supply to the excitation circuit of the drive motor, which includes two sets of thyristor non-reversing primary and non-reversing converters type DCS800 with a rated current of 180 A,
  • control of the hoisting machine, which includes a digital travel controller based on the GRZ-08 solution and two AC800M-type PLCs of the hoisting machine,
  • H-C MWM-4/VER.III electro-hydraulic control and power unit for emergency braking with self-adjustable braking torque or one of two different fixed braking torque values.

Technical specifications of the K-5000/DC-10m/s type hoisting machine:

nominal diameter of hoisting cable winding 5000 mm
number of hoisting cables 1
conveyance travel speed 10 m/s
static overload 80 kN
power supply parameters:
hoisting machine 6 kV, 500 VAC
auxiliary circuits 500 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VDC

Shaft signalling and communication system

The shaft signalling and communication system is built based on PLC programmable logic controllers equipped with ECHO-S wireless shaft communication system.

The device has signal stations built in the operator’s cab, the shaft headframe, on the shaft entry, at the level of the shaft inlet, in the shaft sump, as well as non-stationary stations in the hoisting tubs, for completing all the tasks of the mine shaft hoist.

The device is powered by two 230 VAC power sources with backup in case of a power outage.

Communication links between local stations are implemented using optical fibre cables as two independent transmission paths, each made as a closed loop.

Video monitoring

Modernisation of video surveillance in the L-I shaft superstructure consisted of:

  • delivery and installation of 9 fixed cameras,
  • expansion of optical fibre infrastructure,
  • installation of transmission units,
  • modernisation of the monitoring system,
  • delivery of the recording device,
  • installing additional lighting.

Photo gallery

Photo 1. K-5000/DC-10m/s hoisting machine

Photo 2. Stand with three pairs of brake cylinders

Photo 3. H-C MWM-4/VER.III electrohydraulic control and power unit

Photo 4. Signalling station