Our engineering and technical staff is able to implement any project as per the investor's requirements, based on the cutting-edge equipment and technologies as well as organizational systems.
Our staff consists of people who have knowledge, expertise and are fully committed to the undertakings which they are involved in. They meet each challenge with passion combined with a strong sense of responsibility for the final product.
The dynamic development of the company has never overshadowed our firm conviction that only joint effort can bring the best results. This belief gives a deep meaning to our present and planned future activities.
The success that our company has achieved results from sticking to priorities - maximization of safety and reliability and minimization of construction and operating costs.

The design solutions offered by us, the requirements that we meet in terms of reduction of the time of shutdowns under implementation and constant supervision of the installed equipment in order to ensure its failure-free operation, make us to be awarded the subsequent contracts and allow us to enjoy the bulk of orders well ahead.
We have implemented a number of our own, innovative solutions. The B-1500/EX/AC-2m/s hoisting machine, designed for operation in excavations of methane and coal dust explosion hazard, or the mobile, container-type platform that provide for vertical transport of gotten, materials and manriding during specialist shaft work, are only examples of such solutions.
Our priority is expansion into foreign markets - adaptation of technologies applied in other countries, implementation of our own technologies, development of the execution abilities and service facilities.
The dynamics of development of our company is so high that it allows us calmly look into the future and take care of what is most important, i.e. improvement of our products and implementation of new, original solutions.
The hoisting machines that we design, construct and install, as well as the plants that we erect, present the highest achievement of technical thought, machine construction engineering and material engineering.

The most important is - reliability
By entrusting us with a specific task, our customers hold us responsible at the same time - for the continuity of production, but above all for the safety of their people.