and highly qualified staff

We have long-term experience

technical solutions of our own

We provide innovative

We implement cutting-edge technology

and post-warranty service

We render complete warranty

with tailor-made solutions

We provide our customers

European leaders

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Who we are?

Thanks to a remarkable wealth of experience and expertise gained for the last over 20 years from the company’s inception, we have become one of the leading European contractors specialized in implementation of projects of different scale and complexity both in terms of technical and organizational aspect, incl. turnkey ones.
Our Customers and Partners come from the industrial sector, although historically, a majority of our projects were implemented for Mining Industry. Everyone who has a need for:
  • cutting-edge technical solutions providing safety, reliability and operational economy,
  • a brand new, high-quality equipment / installations / systems,
  • professional, multi-branch general contracting works,
  • full-range technical support & maintenance services ensured during the whole exploitation period of equipment / installations / systems,
  • modernization and/or rehabilitation of the existing equipment and/or systems,
finds his way to MWM Elektro Sp. z o.o.

What we do?

We provide our customers with:
  • professional, multi-branch designing & engineering services,
  • complete delivery of:
    • hoisting machines of different size and type (complete with power supply, control and monitoring systems),
    • slow speed drum winches,
    • shaft signaling and communication systems,
    • off-shaft equipment supporting such operations as loading, unloading, transporting the extracted materials, etc.,
    • fan and pump stations (including central ventilation and/or dewatering mine stations),
    • specialist industrial installations, such as power generation, automation, complete power supply, drive, control and monitoring systems, etc.,
    • complete technical documentation, technology, detailed manual and other documents essential for assembly and commissioning purposes,
  • assembly and installation of the equipment and/or systems at their destination,
  • start-up and commissioning services, including required equipment trials, acceptance tests and assistance in obtaining of the mandatory approvals for operation from the respective State Authorities and putting of the newly installed equipment into operation,
  • specialist training of the customer’s personnel,
  • as-made documentation,
  • round-a-clock warranty and post-warranty services,
  • after-sale technical support, including but not limited to consulting and supply of spare parts.
Basically, every project implemented by MWM Elektro Sp. z o.o. includes innovative solutions aiming at the improvement of exploitation process and safety of operations.