Mobile Hoisting Machine </br>of B–1200/M/AC–2m/s type

Mobile Hoisting Machine
of B–1200/M/AC–2m/s type

Mobile hoisting machine – driving unit of mining shaft hoist, having been additionally equipped, it may serve as complete mining shaft hoist.

All subassemblies that make up the machine are placed into one container, permanently mounted on a semi–trailer body approved for transport on public roads while hauled by a standard truck, with no need to get any permit or make use of special vehicles.

The implemented technical solutions and features of the Mobile Hoisting Machine allow it to be used for:

  • evacuation of the mining crew from the shaft in case of failure of the master shaft hoist – it can take over all the functions of a ladderway and/or replace the functions of the permanent emergency – inspection hoist,
  • conducting of activities related to inspections and checks of the shaft itself and the shaft furniture, in case there is no other hoisting equipment in the given shaft,
  • supporting technological operations carried out for the master shaft hoist, which require constant observation, eg. ropes replacement, lowering of oversized materials, repairments and rehabilitation works in a shaft, etc.,
  • executing of rehabilitation works related to shaft furniture, allowing for quick transport of shaft crew and tools or auxiliary materials to the workplace in the shaft.


16 December 2018


Hoisting machines, Shaft signaling and communication equipment