Double-drum hoisting machine for Kazzinc TOO. Kazakhstan

Contract: “Technical task for the development of design and construction documentation, manufacture and delivery of a 2Ц-4.0х1.7/AC-6m/s mining hoisting machine for Kazzinc TOO, Republic of Kazakhstan” implemented as a turnkey project.

Scope of the project

  • replacement of the hoisting machine 2Ц-4.0х1.7/AC-6m/s,
  • replacement of the “ШАСС Микон” shaft signalling and communication system,
  • development of technical documentation for the entire scope of the task,
  • production and supply of hoisting machine components and shaft signalling and communication equipment,
  • supervision of the installation of the hoisting machine,
  • procedures related to the approval of equipment for use in the operation of a mining plant and obtain a Certificate of Conformity of products in the Eurasian Customs Union,
  • start-up of the supplied equipment.

2Ц-4.0×1.7/AC-6m/s hoisting machine

The 2Ц-4.0×1.7/AC-6m/s hoisting machine is a component of a mining shaft hoist, designed to transport people and materials. The machine is housed in the hoisting machine building at the shaft hoist entry level.

The hoisting machine in the mechanical part is built of the following components:

  • main shaft unit, comprising:
    • hoisting drums: fixed and loose,
    • main shaft,
    • plain bearings,
    • lubrication unit,
    • loose drum decoupling system,
  • brake, comprising:
    • columns with brake cylinders,
    • electrohydraulic control and power unit,
    • additional oil flow forcing system,
  • driving unit, comprising:
    • drive motor,
    • flexible coupling,
    • toothed gear,
    • gear coupling,

In the electrical part, the hoisting machine consists of the following components:

  • converter transformers,
  • frequency converters,
  • power and control cabinets of the hoisting machine,
  • control station of the hoisting machine together with a SCADA visualisation and control system computer,
  • additional external equipment.

Technical parameters of the type 2Ц-4.0×1.7/AC-6m/s hoisting machine:

number of hoisting drums 2
diameter of the cable winding on the drum 4000 mm
width of the cable winding zone on the drum 1700 mm
motor power 400 kW
maximum travel speed 6 m/s
maximum cable breaking load 1200 kN
the number of layers of cable wound 1
number of pairs of cylinders 4
type of brake cylinders BSFG 408-A00-02-00

Photo gallery

Photo 1 View of the hoisting machine to be replaced

Photo 2 LU 30 Lubricating unit

Photo 3 ZWB-2 loose drum decoupling system

Photo 4 Column with two pairs of brake cylinders

Photo 5 H-C MWM-6 electrohydraulic control and power unit

Photo 6 Hoisting machine’s drive unit

Photo 7 Converter transformers

Photo 8 Cabinets for frequency converters and the power supply and control of the hoisting machine

Photo 9 Hoisting machine control’s station

Photo 10 View of one of the screens of the interactive visualisation system of the hoisting machine

Photo 11 View of the hall with the new hoisting machine installed