Main fan station at the L-III shaft of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. “Lubin” Mining Plant

The contract, carried out under a turnkey project system, included comprehensive electrical modernisation of the fan station, design, supply, installation and commissioning of new fan drive units, power supply system, control system, auxiliary equipment.

Scope of the project

  • replacement of 1250 kW drive units,
  • replacement of the power system with frequency converters,
  • replacement of the control and instrumentation system,
  • design and construction of technical containers,
  • replacement and implementation of auxiliary equipment,
  • drafting of the necessary technical documentation,
  • delivery and installation of equipment,
  • start-up of the supplied equipment.

The task of the triple fan station is to remove used air from the mining fields, repair chambers and material chambers of the “Lubin” Mining Plant.

The fans are connected to the L-III shaft with ducts.

The fan station can operate in the following modes:

  • extraction (regular) – mine air is drawn in from the mine workings through the shaft and then is blown out through fan diffusers into the atmosphere,
  • pumping (reverse) – atmospheric air is forced into the workings through the shaft.

The main elements of the modernised main fan station at the L-III shaft of the “Lubin” Mining Plant are:

  • induction fan drive motors adapted for power supply by 6 kV frequency converters,
  • drive system using intermediate 6 kV frequency converters for speed control,
  • three bypass switchgears based on 6 kV switching bays,
  • technical containers for housing intermediate frequency converters and the bypass switchgear of the fan drive system,
  • supply of 6 kV circuit breakers, modernisation of the circuits and safety devices of the 6 kV bays, as well as construction of a starting unit in the 6 kV switching station building,
  • reconstruction of MV cable lines within the fan station building for supplying the fan motors of the station,
  • 500 V, 400 V and 230 V switchgear units,
  • lighting system in the fan station building,
  • video monitoring system,
  • telephone infrastructure including telephones,
  • IT infrastructure in the “Lubin” Mining Plant, including optical fibre connections, distribution boxes and switches, within the scope of the project,
  • four computer stations for the visualisation, control and diagnostics on the premises of the “Lubin” Mining Plant,
  • control and instrumentation measurement systems.

Photo gallery

Photo 1 Induction motor type S1 710Y-10

Photo 2 Frequency converter cabinets

Photo 3 Bypass switchgear

Photo 4 Technical containers

Photo 5 Control cabinets

Photo 6 400 V switchgear

Photo 7 Controller in 6 kV bay