Interview with the CEO of MWM Elektro Sp. z o.o. in BusinessPL magazine

The interview depicts the most significant moments in the history of the company’s growth, presents its priorities and describes the company main activities. The interview points out the features distinguishing MWM Elektro from the other companies and shows what is the key to its achievements.

The Company awarded for Innovation in the Mining Success of the Year Competition

The laureates of the eleventh edition of the Mining Success of the Year Competition were awarded on the occasion of Mining New Year’s Concert which was held on February 10, 2020 at the Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice. MWM Elektro Company was granted the award in the “Innovation” category for development and implementation of innovative mobile container-type platform designed for driving of mining shaft hoists . The platform is an universal, ergonomic multi-purpose solution which is easily applicable in various exploitation conditions (the project was recognized by The National Centre for Research and Development, completed under the Smart Growth 2014-2020 operational programme).

The competition is organized annually by The Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Its main purpose is to promote and stimulate initiatives on innovation, projects supporting the development of Polish underground mining industry as well as undertakings that create a positive image of the mining sector.

The Mining Success of the Year Competition is carried out in three categories - “Innovation,” “Ecology,” and “Personality of the Year.” The competition jury members are the experts of the mining industry, especially researchers and practitioners with a long-term experience.

Modernization of Hoisting Machine of the Mine Shaft Hoist operated in Western Compartment of Shaft II of „Murcki-Staszic” Colliery in Poland – completed

The company closed the end of 2019 with handing over to the Mining Field of „Murcki-Staszic” Colliery, managed by PGG S.A. Coal Company, the modernized power supply and control systems of the hoisting machine, operated as part of the Mine Shaft Hoist of the Western compartment of their Shaft II.

The investment covered the design, delivery and installation along with commissioning of the modernized power supply and control systems of the hoisting machine (including the electropneumatic brake control unit and brake compressed air supply system), shaft signaling system (designed to be intrinsically safe for the modernization purpose) and the 6 kV switchgear. In addition, the scope of work under the Project implementation included preparation of approval documentation, training of the Investor's personnel and rendering of warranty services for modernized equipment.

Our company has carried out the modernization process by implementation of solutions that guarantee certainty and reliability of the shaft hoist operation in the event of failure of one of the power supply systems of the hoisting machine drive.

  • Thanks to application of two thyristor converters connected in series in the power supply system of the hoisting machine motor, in the event of failure of one of them, the other allows the machine to be operated with full hoisting capacity, causing only the reduction of the travelling speed of the shaft vessel.
  • Thanks to the solution providing for application of two excitation converters in the excitation circuit of the motor, in the event of failure of one of them, the other ensures maintaining of full functionality of the circuit.
  • By incorporating switchgears in the main circuit, it is possible to power the drive motor from two parallel-connected Leonard generators, installed in the winder house of the neighboring shaft. The whole power supply system of the hoisting machine motor is complemented by a redundant protection, provided in the form of a fast switch, operated regardless of whether the system is powered by thyristor converters or Leonard generators located in the neighboring winder house.

MWM Elektro present at the conference organized by the Research and Supervisory Centre of Underground Mining (CBiDGP)

The 13th International Conference on Safety Operation of Mining Transport Equipment was held in Wisła, Poland on November 7-9, 2019. Lectures were given, among others, by MWM Elektro representatives who presented the cutting-edge solutions for transport equipment used in mining. The company representatives discussed the selected issues of mining hoists modernization process within the scope of both electrical and mechanical components. They also raised the issue of application of the distributed control systems in control units of hoisting machines.

The conference was a multi-faceted presentation of technical and technological achievements within transport equipment used in mining as well as their safety aspects.

Publication of our article in no. 4/2019 issue of a specialist quarterly Inżynieria Górnicza (The Mining Engineering)

The article depicts an innovative approach to the construction of hoisting machines consisting in the functional division of the device into executive modules and system nodes. It presents the use of a distributed system in the hoist machine control systems and the use of secure remote access to industrial devices. The proposed solutions have been illustrated with the concrete example of the project named “Development of an innovative mobile, container-type platform for driving shaft hoists, to raise economic efficiency of specialist mining operations”, which has been successfully completed and implemented. The project was granted a financial support from the European Union under the "Smart Growth 2014-2020" Operational Program.

MWM Elektro honoured during the 2019 Małopolska Economic Award Ceremony

The Marshall of the Małopolska Region annually organizes the competition for local entrepreneurs. The award is granted to those who stand out successfully on the market by innovation, implementation of cutting-edge solutions and stimulation of the economy at the regional level, which leads to the increase of pro-investment attitudes in Małopolska. The eleventh edition of the award ceremony took place on October 10, 2019 during Małopolska Investors and Exporters Service Forum in the Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. MWM Elektro company was granted the nomination as a medium entrepreneur.