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"Smart Growth 2014-2020" Operational Program

Name of the project
Development of an innovative mobile, container-type platform for driving shaft hoists, to raise economic efficiency of specialist mining operations

Aim of the project
Carrying out, in cooperation with a subcontractor (ITG KOMAG) of advanced R&D works, which should result in development of

an innovative, mobile, container-type platform
for driving shaft hoist

(product innovation on a global scale, as defined by the Oslo Manual)

The benefits of the project implementation

The new product is designed for vertical transport of mined minerals, materials and manriding, while sinking, deepening, furnishing and for rehabilitation of mining shafts.

The expected results have been achieved, making the mobile, container-type platform competitive as compared to conventional solutions thanks to:

  • Shortening of the total time and reduction of the total cost of preparation of the platform for operation as well as its dismantling in the workplace after termination of its operation life,
  • reduction of the total installation area for the platform,
  • raise in performance related to higher production efficiency, achieved thanks to optimization of payload and drive speed of the platform,
  • lowering the electricity consumption and diminishing negative impact upon the grid.

Project implementation period
01.12.2015 r. – 30.11.2017 r.

Project value
17 602 016,16 zł

Amount of contribution from the European Funds
7 206 273,83 zł